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Everyday, Amazon Marketplace sellers list items well below their true value. Many of these books are out of print, hard to find, and usually very expensive. Often, copies of these books will show up on Amazon for 10-20% for what they sell for anywhere else. But unless you search book, by book, it is almost impossible to find these steals before someone else snatches them up. There are just too many books to look through, and many books that you might not even know to look at.

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Search For Bargains
Book Stealer will search through thousands of books matching the keywords that you select, sifting for newly entered books that you can buy for a steal.

It Works!
I originally wrote this tool for my own use. My own book collection has grown rapidly with many valuable books bought at bargain prices. I can't count the number of collectible books worth fifty, or a hundred or more dollars, that I have bought for a fraction of their value.

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Examples Of Steals Using Book Stealer
I bought Vital Judo: Grappling Techniques by Isao Okano for $11.94. The book is worth about $200.

I bought In search of kenpo by James Mitose for $7.00. The book is worth about $85.

I bought Wrestling on and Off the Mat by R. Wayne Baughman for $10.51. The book is like new and worth $50-$100.

I bought Ninja Warrior: Bojutsu Defense Techniques by Jack Hoban for $7.16. The book is worth $85+.

I bought Doing Aikido by Alan Drysdale for $25. The book is worth about $65.

I bought Judo In Action-Throwing Techniques by Kazuzo Kudo for $4.95. The book is worth about $30+, and seller even threw in Judo In Action-Grappling Techniques for free.

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